Affiliate policy

Affiliate policy-

To become our online affiliate-

Requirement- You should have a computer, internet connection & online promotion skills.

To create affiliate account- click on the link AFFILIATES – in the footer (below the page).

Once your affiliate account is approved by us, you can easily retrieve your affiliate link & start gaining commissions on sales.

How will you earn- You will have to register yourself as affiliate & promote your affiliate link on your- Blog, social media channels or on-your website to generate sales & earn commissions. 

How it works-

When someone clicks on that particular link- Posted by you….somewhere on the internet, cookie of your affiliate code will be saved on customer’s computer for 1000 days.

Now, with the help of your affiliate cookie, that particular customer will be added in your affiliate/agent section of our website.

If he/she complete some purchase from our website even in future, that purchase will be counted as your affiliate sale & you will get commission on that.

You can even check your affiliate commission by log-in to your account & can receive your commission after your pay-out request.

For more queries – You can mail us, we will be happy to assist you in becoming a successful online affiliate of © 2020

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