Affiliate policy

Affiliate/Agent policy-

We are offering two types of affiliate opportunity- (Online & Offline).

1.For becoming online affiliate-

Requirement- You should have a computer, internet connection & online promotion skills.

If you are interested to become our affiliate/agent- You will have to register yourself as affiliate & promote your affiliate link (given by us) on your- Blog, social media channels or on-your website.

To create affiliate account- click on the link AFFILIATES – in the footer (below the page).

Once your affiliate account is approved by us, you can easily retrieve your affiliate link & start gaining commissions on sales.

How this will work-

When someone clicks on that particular link- Posted by you….somewhere on the internet, cookie of your affiliate code will be saved on customer’s computer for 1000 days.

Now, with the help of your affiliate cookie, that particular customer will be added in your affiliate/agent section of our website.

If he/she complete some purchase from our website even in future, that purchase will be counted as your affiliate sale & you will get commission on that.

You can even check your affiliate commission by log-in to your account & can receive your commission after your pay-out request.

For more queries – You can mail us, we will be happy to assist you & help you to become a successful online affiliate of

2.For becoming off-line affiliate-

Requirement- You should have a store & should have those customers- who might have wedding at their home.

You can become our offline affiliate/sales agent, if you are running some beauty parlor, boutique, wedding card shop, photography shop or lehnga-on-rent shop.

It means- You must have wedding customers to become our off-line affiliate.

What you have to do-

First register yourself as an affiliate on our website, After that pay 5000 Indian rupees (offline affiliate fee) & Then we will give you a coupon code, which will be linked with your affiliate profile. You have to promote your coupon code among your customers by using promotional stickers (given by us) at your store & by telling them personally that -

1. They can now purchase their wedding products online from bangle house, where they will see vast design range at affordable price & can ask for customised designs also (for some products).

2. If they use your coupon code, they will get discount & once they use your coupon code, you will also get commission on sales- generated by you.

Coupon code is basically a discount code & when some customer buy something using your coupon code, He/she will get certain discount & you will also get certain amount of commission on the sales- generated by you.

This way- Your customer & You…. Both will be benefited.

How you can promote your coupon code-

We will send you promotional material, once you are successfully registered with us as an off-line affiliate. You can simply follow our tips & use our promotional material to promote your affiliate business.

Register here- Affiliates

For paying offline affiliate fee, Call us at +91-8059645484. © 2018

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