Bangles is a part of beauty & tradition of  the Indian women. we takes utmost care for delivering bangles direct to our online customers, So that the parcel- not only step-out of our office in a good condition but also it reaches to our customers in the same condition as well.

Having distinct cultures depending on different locations of India, Women of India prefer wearing different styles, patterns & material of bangles, which consist of - Glass bangles, metal bangles, seap bangles, elephant tusk bangles, plastic bangles, jarkan bangles, brass bangles and artificial gold bangles etc.

Check out our designs & patterns of bangles in different material & enjoy shopping. 

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Bangle house
These are 2 broad bangles, as can be seen in picture. Color- Marron- green Please note- M..
Bangle house
This is stone studded slight broad bangle article, comes in 4 pieces- as can be seen in picture.&nbs..
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