Frequently Asked Questions

Q- I don't know my bangle size, What should I do?

A- You can visit any of the near-by bangle store or jewellery store. They can measure your bangle size & tell it to you.

OR If you want to measure it by yourself, You can just take any of your previous bangle & measure its diameter with the help of scale. You can send that measurement picture to us through whatsapp. at +91-8059645484, We will check your size & tell it to you.

OR, you can check your bangle size from our size-chart after measuring the diameter of your bangle.
Click this link & see our chart- 

Q - My bangle size is 2.6, Should I buy chuda of 2.6 size or Should I buy 2.8 size, as wrist gets bigger from back ?

A- You should buy 2.6 only because we make it little bit of glass-shape (2.6 from front & 2.8 from back), So that it fits perfectly in your wrist.

Check this link -

Q- What if I ordered a wrong size, Can I replace it?

A - No, Because we are manufacturers of bridal chuda and we manufacture each product after we get online order from our customers. But you always have right to get a replaced parcel if you receive a defective product. 

Q - What material do you use to make these bridal chuda's ?

A- We use original seap. Seap is a traditional wedding bangle material which is considered lucky for the new wedded couple. It is a kind of plastic but not exactly plastic.

Q - In how many days I will receive my parcel after making the payment ?

A - You will receive your parcel within 7 working days after your payment, If it is Indian address. But your parcel will reach you within 14 days if you are located outside India. Please note- Delivery times may vary in some un-controllable events, Like - National holidays, Natural disasters or some internal emergency etc. 

Q - What if I do not receive my parcel even after making online payment ?

A - Please check our customer reviews before placing your order and have a look on the comments of our previous customers. 

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Q - What If I receive a defective product ?

A - Inform us with in 3 days of receiving your parcel & We will replace your product. 

Q - Why should I buy expensive bridal chuda for my wedding, when there are so many cheap options available in the local market, Which starts at rupees 500?

A - If your wedding day matters to you, Buy something which has no comparison in terms of quality and design. Otherwise you always have the option to buy cheap products. © 2019

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