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Selling your products on is very much easy, You will not have to deal with anything which is technical, we will do it for you & will work more & more to increase your sales.

How is it easy-

1. You can send your product pictures even through whatsapp., facebook or email, We will upload those in our website.

2. If your product designs changes very frequently, then also- You do not have to worry about it. We will show your products in a separate image gallery, where customer will get an idea that we also sell these type of products. But they will not be able to buy those products by clicking on pictures. They will first enquire about the availability of your product from us. Our sales team will ask the availability of that product from you & if you don't have that then you can send latest similar design pictures to us even through whatsapp., so that we can show those new designs to our customers & they can buy from the new stock.

3. Our customers are basically those, who have upcoming wedding in their home, So we deal with them personally, we support them at each level through phone calls, chats & emails. We also show them products which are not there on the website. So if your previous designs are out of stock then we don't put penalties on you, We just focus on customer satisfaction & seller's ease of doing business on our website.

4. We only deals in prepaid orders, which means we have genuine buyers, so there is no chance of return. But if your product is at mistake, then it will be returned & customer is entitled to get his/ her full refund.

5. You can sell- Wedding chuda, kalira, Bangles, Customized matching bangle set, Artificial jewelry & other accessories related to Indian weddings.

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